Intermodal Drayage Services Oakland

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The CargoBay Oakland trucking service does not start or end at the port.

We are committed to offering a door-to-door service, from the factory to the consumer, from any source to any final destination throughout the world.

In order to fulfill this commitment, CargoBay has developed solid global intermodal services that offer a wide range of options in land transportation.

What is intermodal drayage Oakland?

Intermodal transport is simply using more than one means of transport to move your cargo. Whether by route, train, barge or a combination of them, the CargoBay container trucking company in Oakland CA experience in intermodal transport makes it clear that nothing is left to chance when it comes to the safe delivery of your cargo.

Complementing our exceptional port coverage, our intermodal, warehousing services and ground transportation by truck provide a real connection to the shopping centers in the interior of the countries. They also provide tranquility. At CargoBay we are fully equipped to manage the transfer of your cargo from start to finish, ensuring optimal care and efficiency every step of the way.

We have the infrastructure, the experience, the knowledge and the equipment to ensure a fast and reliable transit of your products, no matter where in the world you are. In addition to an extensive rail transport network (often through our own trains),

We have an extensive inventory of:

  • Heavy container (standard and special).

  • Trailers

  • container chassis rental.

  • Barges.

CargoBay Trucking Services

CargoBay trucking service has the largest transportation network in Oakland, making it easy to keep deliveries on schedule and further reduce travel times. With over many years of experience, CargoBay has honed its knowledge of the transportation industry, which is the foundation of its customers in various industries.

CargoBay's transportation mastery combined with its evolving technology, the innovative fleet of vehicles and service points across the Oakland allows it to ship with confidence.

As a one-stop carrier, Oakland offers a wide range of trucking services: accelerated partial or full load transportation, cross-border delivery, intermodal service, private fleet management, delivery guarantee, temperature controlled containers, material transportation dangerous goods and supply chain management.

Intermodal Transportation Services Oakland by CargoBay

With CargoBay's intermodal optimized routes and exceptional port network, you can load and unload closer to the point of origin/destination, minimizing the distance of land transportation. As a result, using our ground transportation services will not only save time and money but also reduce your company's carbon footprint.

I am interested in the intermodal services by Cargo Bay, how should I proceed?

If you need more information about intermodal services and land transport by truck in different countries of the world, you can consult our map of intermodal coverage. You can visit our CONTACT US section today to find out how we can help you.