Drayage Services


Intermodal drayage: ports & rails

CargoBay Trucking is an intermodal drayage trucking company servicing the Port of Oakland. Our company focuses on non-Hazmat Ocean and Rail intermodal container shipments in Northern and Central Valley regions of California. We have interchange agreements with all steamship and railroad lines servicing California. In addition to serving the Port of Oakland, we also provide service to all Northern California railroad ramps in Oakland, Stockton and Lathrop.


CargoBay has its own private fleet of standard 20, 40 and Heavy 20 Triaxle chassis along with active accounts with all chassis pool providers.  Our Heavy 20 TriAxle's paired with our light trucks are capable of legally transporting cargo weight of 48,000lbs. This gives our customers the ability to maximize cargo payload and minimize overall shipping costs.

  • Standard 40' upto 48,000

  • Standard 20' upto 38,000

  • Heavy 20' upto 48,000



Container storage

We have one of the most secure yards in the port with guards on duty 24/7. No truck or container enters or leaves the yard without being logged at the gate.



1. Transload
2. Crossdock
3. Consolidate & Deconsolidate
4. Heavy container weight adjustment.

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